Statistics Module


No configuration is required, it is automatically enabled and available for all flexisip newer than 1.0.10-165.

Access statistics and configuration

When the flexisip server is running, you can monitor it using:

/opt/belledonne-communications/bin/ GET module::Registrar/count-bind

Note that the statistics all start with “count” prefix.

You can get the available configuration options and statistics using LIST command:

/opt/belledonne-communications/bin/ LIST all

Also you can change the debug mode and the verbosity level dinamically:

/opt/belledonne-communications/bin/ SET global/debug true

Connection options

By default, the automatically find the pid of the flexisip process running using pidof.
If you are running multiple flexisips on the same computer, you can specify which one you can to connect to using either:

  •  -s / --socket : path to the socket, default is /tmp/flexisip-<pid>
  •  -p / --pid : the pid of the flexisip process to connect to
  •  -n / --name : to find the pid of a flexisip process that is not named flexisip
Created by François Grisez on 2020/02/20 11:57