Documentation based on repostory git version commit 2.2.0-alpha-28-g78d628e4 

Presence server

Flexisip presence server parameters.

Configuration options:

NameDescriptionDefault ValueType

Enable presence server


List of white space separated SIP URIs where the presence server must listen. Must not be tls.


Default expires of PUBLISH request in second.


Max number of presentity sent in a single NOTIFY by default.


Enable long-term presence notifies


Soci connection string for the resource list database.


SQL request to obtain the list of the users corresponding to an resource list subscription.
Named parameters are:
 * ':from' : the URI of the sender of the SUBSCRIBE. (mandatory)
 * ':to' : the URI of the users list which the sender want to subscribe to. (mandatory)


Max number of threads.


Max legnth of threads queue.


Soci SQL request used to obtain the username associated with a phone alias.
The string MUST contains the ':phone' keyword which will be replaced by the phone number to look for.
The result of the request is a 1x1 table containing the name of the user associated with the phone number.

Example: select login from accounts where phone = :phone


Same as 'soci-user-with-phone-request' but allows to fetch several users by a unique SQL request.
The string MUST contains the ':phones' keyword which will be replaced by the list of phone numbers to look for. Each element of the list is seperated by a comma character and is protected by simple quotes (e.g. '0336xxxxxxxx','0337yyyyyyyy','034zzzzzzzzz').
If you use phone number linked accounts you'll need to select login, domain, phone in your request for flexisip to work.
Example: select login, domain, phone from accounts where phone in (:phones)


If user agent contains it, can bypass extended notifiy verification.


Enable belle-sip leak detector