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This page contains some keys about the configuration of the presence server and how to set the proxy to communicate with it. If you don't know what the presence server is useful for, you should visit the feature page concerning the conference server before going further.

Launching the conference server

Using SystemD

Simply use the following command to start the service:

systemctl start flexisip-conference

Don't forget to enable the service if you want it to start on system boot:

systemctl enable flexisip-conference

Invoking Flexisip directly

/opt/belledonne-communications/bin/flexisip --server conference

Presence server configuration


# Make the conference server listen on localhost since
# it only needs to communicate with the SIP proxy, which is
# on the same host usually.

# SIP identity of the conference server. This identity is
# used by the other user agents when they need to communicate
# with the conference server (for creating a new
# conference/chatroom for instance).

# Address of the proxy to use for sending requests.

# The database to use for chatroom persistence. The schema
# is automatically created by the conference server if the
# database is empty.
database-connection-string=db='flexisip_conference' user='flexisip_conference' password='test' host='localhost'

# The conference server needs direct access to the Registrar
# database used by the proxy. To do so, the parameters about the
# registrar db in module::Registrar section must be set and REDIS
# backer must be used.

See [presence-server] section documentation for an exhaustive list of handled parameters.

Created by François Grisez on 2020/06/22 11:17