Global configuration settings

Here are some global settings of the flexisip proxy.

Configuration options:

NameDescriptionDefault ValueType
debugOutputs very detailed logsfalseBoolean
dump-corefilesGenerate a corefile when crashingtrueBoolean
auto-respawnAutomatically respawn flexisip in case of abnormal termination (crashes)trueBoolean
aliasesList of white space separated host names pointing to this machine.
 This is to prevent loops while routing SIP messages.
transportsList of white space separated SIP uris where the proxy must listen.
 Wildcard star can be used to mean 'all local ip addresses'.
 If 'transport' prameter is unspecified, it will listen to both udp and tcp.
 A local address to bind onto can be indicated in the 'maddr' parameter, while the domain part of the uris are used as public domain or ip address.
 The 'sips' transport definitions accept two optional parameters:
 - 'tls-certificates-dir' taking for value a path, with the same meaning as the 'tls-certificates-dir' property of this section and overriding it for this given transport.
 - 'require-peer-certificate' taking for value '0' or '1', to indicate whether clients connecting are required to present a client certificate.
 Here are some examples to understand:
 * listen on all local interfaces for udp and tcp, on standart port:
 * listen on all local interfaces for udp,tcp and tls, on standart ports:
 transports=sip:* sips:*
 * listen on tls localhost with 2 different ports and SSL certificates:
 transports=sips:localhost:5061;tls-certificates-dir=path_a sips:localhost:5062;tls-certificates-dir=path_b
 * listen on tls localhost with 2 peer certificate requirements:
 transports=sips:localhost:5061;require-peer-certificate=0 sips:localhost:5062;require-peer-certificate=1
 * listen on with tls, but public hostname is '' used in SIP messages.
 Bind address won't appear in messages:;maddr=
tls-certificates-dirPath to the directory where TLS server certificate and private key can be found, concatenated inside an 'agent.pem' file.
 Any chain certificates must be put into a file named 'cafile.pem'.
 The setup of agent.pem, and eventually cafile.pem is required for TLS transport to work.
idle-timeoutTime interval in seconds after which inactive connections are closed.3600Integer
require-peer-certificateRequire client certificate from peer.falseBoolean
transaction-timeoutSIP transaction timeout in milliseconds.
 It is T1*64 (32000 ms) by default.
version-numberFlexisip version.1.0.1String
runtime-errorRetrieve current runtime error stateRuntimeError

Created by SandrineAvakian on 2017/01/06 13:34