Push notifications

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Android push notifications (firebase)

Client side

Edit the non_localizable_custom.xml file and add/edit to match the following:

<string name="push_type">firebase</string>
<string name="push_sender_id">your_firebase_id</string>

Server side

Firebase push notifications are supported in flexisip version 1.0.10-196 (0da032c963ad8c856bbde3769b58c7ae580cc815) and newer.

Edit the flexisip.conf file and add/edit to match the following (replace sender id and server key by the values from the firebase console, settings section, cloud messaging tab) :

firebase-projects-api-keys=<sender id>:<server key>

Then (re)start flexisip, and you'll have the push notifications for Android using firebase.

If you want to add multiple pairs of sender id and server key, separate them with a 'space' character in the firebase-projects-api-key.

Test / troubleshoot

You can test and troubleshoot your setup using the flexisip_pusher tool available with flexisip.

Here's how to send an Android (firebase) push notification:

/opt/belledonne-communications/bin/flexisip_pusher --pntype firebase --appid <sender_id> --key <server_key> --pntok <device_push_token> --debug
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