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Make sure the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file contains the following lines:

agentAddress  udp:
master agentx
agentXPerms  0660 0550 root root
rocommunity public localhost
rwcommunity private localhost

Make sure the standard MIBs are installed: 

  • On centos install the packages: ''sudo yum install net-snmp-libs net-snap''
  • On Debian install packages: ''sudo apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader snmp''.

Access statistics and configuration

When the flexisip server is running, you can monitor it using :

mkdir -p ~/.snmp/mibs
flexisip --dump-mibs > ~/.snmp/mibs/fleximib.txt
snmpwalk -m FLEXISIP-MIB  -v 2c -c public -Of localhost FLEXISIP-MIB::flexisipMIB
snmpget -m FLEXISIP-MIB -v 2c -c public -Of localhost \

Note that the statistics all start with “count” prefix.

Update configuration

When the server is running, you can update its configuration using:

mkdir -p  ~/.snmp/mibs/fleximib.txt
flexisip --dump-snmp-mib > ~/.snmp/mibs/fleximib.txt
snmpset -m FLEXISIP-MIB  -v 2c -c private localhost \ i 1

You can update several configuration values at the same time.
When the configuration of a module is updated the module is reloaded.
When other configuration is updated the flexisip is automatically restarted.

Note that the configuration file is updated with the new configuration.