Linphone Desktop : Files tree

The Linphone Desktop stores its files in a specific tree that depends of the platform. It is splitted in two groups : the databases and the settings. You can find below where they are and what they are.

Databases and Storages

The main local application files are regrouped in these folders :

  • Linux : ~/.local/share/linphone
  • MacOS : ~/Library/Application Support/linphone
  • Windows : %LOCALAPPDATA%/linphone


Databases are in SQL format. You can read them with a standard SQL viewer. Their purpose is to store data logs, friends list, call and messages data.

Note that the logs that are used for debugging purpose is stored in a specific text file in the storage section.

  • call-history.db : Call logs
  • message-history.db : Old messages logs. Messages are now stored in linphone.db
  • friends.db : The contact lists
  • linphone.db : The main database


Binary files are stored in specific folders :

  • avatars/ : All images for avatars
  • codecs/ : Custom codecs loaded when you go to the audio settings or when starting the application
  • logs/ : The default log folder. With an AppImage, you can find them in ~/.local/share/AppRun.wrapped/logs
  • thumbnails/ : Thumbnails storage when receiving image attachments. Thumbnails are used to show preview in Chat or in notification.


The configuration files are in :

  • Linux : ~/.config/linphone
  • MacOS : ~/Library/Preferences/linphone/
  • Windows : %LOCALAPPDATA%/linphone


  • linphonerc : Settings of the SDK and the application. This one should be used for customization.
  • linphone.conf : This file is used by Qt. This is not an issue if it doesn't exist.

This documentation is based on the 4.2 version of the Linphone Desktop application.