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Elisa Nectoux 8.1 3 Belledonne Communications is the creator of the Linphone project, the leading open source softphone for smartphones and desktop platforms, allowing communication systems developers to build their own customised solutions.
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Elisa Nectoux 8.1 5 We provide a high-quality and complete software solution for audio and video over IP calling and Instant Messaging. This comprises of three elements : the Linphone application, the Liblinphone SDK, and Flexisip, our scalable server suite with proxy, presence, account management and conference functions.
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Elisa Nectoux 8.1 7 Our VoIP solution is interoperable with most PBXs and SIP infrastructures, adhering to open standards built around the SIP protocol.
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Elisa Nectoux 8.1 9 On this wiki, you will find everything related to the development of Linphone and its integration on the platform of your choice.
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Elisa Nectoux 8.1 16 Linphone is an open source softphone for voice and video over IP calling and instant messaging, which makes it possible to communicate freely with people over the internet. It is fully SIP-based, for all calling, presence and IM features.
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François Grisez 13.1 18 Linphone is available for smartphones, tablets and desktop platforms:
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20 * mobile: iOS, Android
21 * desktop: GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows Desktop, Windows 10
François Grisez 13.1 22 * embedded targets: Yocto, Xamarin
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Elisa Nectoux 9.1 26 Liblinphone is a high-level SIP library integrating all calling and instant messaging features into an unified easy-to-use API.
28 It is the cross-platform VoIP library on which the Linphone application is based, and that anyone can use to add audio and video calls or instant messaging capabilities to an application.
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François Grisez 13.1 32 Flexisip is a complete, modular and scalable SIP server suite written in C++11, comprising proxy, presence and group chat functions. It also includes a push gateway, to deliver SIP incoming calls or text messages on mobile device platforms where push notifications are required to receive information when the app is not active in the foreground.
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François Grisez 13.1 34 Flexisip instances can be deployed on server machines to run a SIP VoIP service. The free linphone.org SIP service has run on Flexisip since 2011, and enables Linphone users to create SIP addresses in order to connect with each other.
36 It can also be embedded and run perfectly on small hardware systems.
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