Liblinphone Developer Guide

Liblinphone is a high level library for bringing SIP video call functionnality into an application. It aims at making easy the integration of the SIP video calls into any applications. All variants of linphone are directly based on it.

General description is available from linphone web site


Liblinphone is released under the GPL v2, which you should understand and agree on before using it.


Starting from version 3.9, liblinphone is inter-workable with both Google and Firefox Webrtc. This has been achieved by adding the following new capabilities to liblinphone/mediastremer2/ortp:

 * DTLS support based on a patched mbedtls version available from git://, "linphone" branch.
 * Possibility to target remote media port with multiplexed RTP/RTCP as described in  

Both compilation instructions and API usage are available by platform:


Liblinphone does not support bundled audio/video. This feature must be disabled in webrtc configuration.


With some Webrtc/sip stack integration it might be useful to increase ICE candidates gathering time by settings linphonerc parameters:


Enabling Chrome debug traces

Chrome --enable-logging --v=4
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