How to get logs, tools, contacts to troubleshoot my issue?

Last modified by superadmin on 2020/07/08 10:29

Collecting logs of the issue will greatly help understanding it, indeed. But before trying to get logs and whatnot, check if the problem still occurs on the latest Linphone version (Android, Mac, iOS... the platform of your choice). You can download latest version of Linphone from snapshots or build it from source (see  Linphone website).

Asking for help and reporting a bug

So, you're set out to send an email to the mailing list about the situation you are in.
It would be really nice if you would be so kind as to help us understand what's going on by giving the following information in your email:

  • the Linphone version (available in ''Help -> About'', for instance ''3.8.1-51-g5913eff'') or the commit number you are using (latest version fluctuates depending on the day)
  • the platform you are working on  and the compiler version you are using (i.e. Xcode 8.2.1, cmake 3.2 ...)
  • the operating system you are working on (Android5.1, Debian 3.14,  MacOSX 10.10, Windows 10 , etc...), your device (iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6, computer... ) . If it is an embedded target, the Yocto distribution you are using to build (Fido, Dizzy, Jethro ...) , the meta-bc recipes version and commit number and if you made some modifications to them (new bbappend files, patches, build options ...) the contents of theses modifications if you think they may be linked to your problem . 
  • the problem you are running into and the steps used to reproduce it: What are you doing? What were you expecting? What did you get?
  • some logs and maybe some configuration files ( i.e. .linphonerc )

This list is not exhaustive and is mainly used as a guideline. If you think some information not listed here is necessary, fell free to add it.

Remember, as this is a mailing list, do not provide sensitive information such as your linphone password for instance (see below).

Ensure to remove any privacy/sensitive information (for instance SIP address, IP address, etc.). To do so:

On iOS

  • Go to ''Settings -> Advanced''
  • Enable ''Debug''
  • Click ''Clear logs'' to remove older logs
  • Reproduce your issue
  • Use ''Settings -> Advanced -> Send logs'' to send it by email to yourself
  • Now, you can go to next step.

On Android

  • Go to ''Settings -> Advanced''
  • Enable ''Debug''
  • Go to ''About'' and click ''Clear logs'' to remove older logs
  • Reproduce your issue
  • Use ''About -> Send logs'' to send it by email to yourself
  • Now, you can go to next step.

On Desktop

  • Launch Linphone
  • Open ''Settings Window''
  • Go the "Advanced" tab
  • Enable "log" switch if necessary
  • Clear logs with the ''Clear'' button
  • Reproduce your issue
  • Use the "send" button to send it by email to yourself
  • Now you can go to next step 

Then submit your issue either on one of the mailing lists decribed in How do I reach out to the developper or user community?. Remember this is an open source  community therefore your question may remained unanswered.   If you need professional support, please contact .