Documentation based on repostory git version commit 2.4.0-alpha-160-g97b70675 

Module Forward

This module executes the basic routing task of SIP requests and pass them to the transport layer. It must always be enabled.

Configuration options:

NameDescriptionDefault ValueDefault UnitType

Indicate whether the module is activated.

 true Boolean

A request/response enters module if the boolean filter evaluates to true. Ex: from.uri.domain contains '', from.uri.domain in '', (to.uri.domain in '') && (user-agent == 'Linphone v2'). You can consult the full filter documentation here :


A path to a configuration file describing routes to be prepended before forwarding a request, when specific conditions for the SIP request being forwarded are met. The condition is described using flexisip's filter syntax, as described on
The configuration file comprises lines using the following syntax:
<sip route>   <condition expressed as a filter expression>
Comments are allowed with '#'.
Conditions can spread over multiples lines provided that the continuation line starts with either spaces or tabs.
The special condition '*' matches every request.
The conditions are matched in the order they appear in the configuration file. The first fulfilled condition determines the route that is prepended.If the request does not match any condition, no route is prepended.
The file may be empty, or no path may be specified, in which case no route is preprended either. Here is a an example of a valid routes configuration file:
<;transport=tls>     request.uri.domain == ''
<sip:;transport=tcp>   request.uri.params contains 'user=phone'

Beware: that is not just a SIP URI, but a route. As a result, when the URI has parameters, brackets must enclose the URI, otherwise the parameters will be parsed as route parameters.


Add a path header of this proxy

 true Boolean

For SIP URIs, in asbsence of transport parameter, assume the given transport is to be used. Possible values are udp, tcp or tls.

 udp String

List of URL and contact params to remove

 pn-tok pn-type app-id pn-msg-str pn-call-str pn-call-snd pn-msg-snd pn-timeout pn-silent pn-provider pn-prid pn-param StringList