Liblinphone developer guide

Last modified by Andrea Gianarda on 2022/12/29 10:00


Liblinphone is a high-level SIP library integrating all calling and instant messaging features into an unified easy-to-use API.
It is the cross-platform VoIP library on which the Linphone application is based, and that anyone can use to add audio and video calls or instant messaging capabilities to an application.

Liblinphone offers a consistent API for C, C#, C++, java and swift.
The application integration has been made easy thanks to Cocoapods (iOS/macOS) and Maven (Android).

General description is available from linphone web site.


Tutorials are available on our dedicated repository.

Getting Started

API Reference

Full API documentation is available for all of our supported languages:


Liblinphone is dual licensed, and is available either :

  • under a GNU Affero GPLv3 license, for free (open source). Please make sure that you understand and agree with the terms of this license before using it.
  • under a proprietary license, for a fee, to be used in closed source applications. Contact Belledonne Communications for any question about costs and services.